Early childhood development

Early Childhood Development

The Mindful Children’s Education in Africa has established an Early Childhood Development Centre called Feed the Minds Preschool Centre (F.M.P.C) the Community learning Centre and Care with aim of:


  • Improving the learning outcome of the orphaned, drugs abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive and refugee children, at the remote areas of South Africa.
  • Improving the disadvantaged children’s learning outcomes in technology through computer literacy.
  • To avail opportunities to ECD teachers to engage in effective teaching practices

One of our primary goals in this project is to inspire interest in, and understanding of, literacy, numeracy and life skills among young learners through interactive and curriculum-inspired activities and resources which present these skills and concepts in a stimulating and exciting way

To increase the provision of Early Childhood Development (E.C.D.) facilities by 75% for, orphaned, drugs abused, displaced, Refugee and vulnerable children in South Africa


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10 Pongola Street / Witteklip
Western Cape
South Africa                                                                                                                                                                        

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P.O Box: 1295
Vredenburg 7380
Western Cape
South Africa

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Cell: +27 65 743 4963
Cell: +27 83 535 77 39

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Mindful Children’s Education in Africa First National Bank (FNB)              
Account Number: 62778134363             Branch Name: Vredenburg
Branch Code: 200311

Mindful Children’s Education in Africa (Micea ) is a non-profit organization, registered in South Africa .
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